Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Fall Red Lip, the just the Right Amount of Vampy Tutorial

It's becoming fall the time of year dedicated to leaves, hot chocolate and dark vampy lips. But what if you're not the kind of person that feels 100% comfortable with the dark purply hues of the season. The solution to your problem is simple. Embrace the Red!

Red lips are like the vampy lip's little sister. Red lips work all year round, in the summer they give you a cute vintage-y look, in the fall and winter they look supper chic and in the spring red lips give you a pop of colour that says, "yes, I, in fact, am emerging from my cocoon of blankets that I used to ward against the frigid hell."

I use three products to create my perfect fall red lip, Burts Bees Lip Balm, NYX lipliner in Hot Red, and MAC's Russian Red lipstick.

First apply the lip balm to your lips and wait for it to set in. (if it doesn't set quickly enough for you just wipe off any excess with tissue)

Then draw your lip liner around your lip line. (I know, so instructive I am today)
Fill them in a bit for lasting power.

Finally use a brush or straight from the tube and apply to lipstick to the centre of your lips. I do this because the lip colour will fan out as you talk so if you fill in the entire thing it can tend to go outside your lip line.

My final "pro tip" for red lips. Check your teeth before you leave the house. Otherwise your sister or friend is going to say, "Yo, you have lipstick on your teeth." and then bug you about your makeup faux pas until you are little old ladies sitting in your rockers and she finally forgets.

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